Defining “my style”

4 08 2010

What is actually your style of photography? Can you define it? Imagine it? Describe it? For some photographers it is impossible to define it because they simply take photos of everything that catch their attention. I call them universal photographers. They can make great photos but are not specializing on any area of photography.

The other group of photographers are “specialists”. Such photographers focus mainly on one area in photography in which they want to achieve some recognition or they do it simply because they like it. It is evident that I fall into this category. Even though I take also other photos than flower photos, they don’t give me any pleasure and I don’t tend to spend much time with them.

If I look back on my flower photos it seems to be easy to define “my style”. I take macro images, I focus on shallow depth of field and lines and colours. I like to search abstract images in the world of flowers. I also try to take my photos to another level by additional post-processing which makes them different from “common” macro flower photos.  Following photo is nice example.

~ Sultry moments ~
~ Floral Curves Series ~
1/15 sec. @ 100 mm, f/4, ISO 100

Ok, so this may be some kind of description of “my style”. But we photographers are sometimes influenced by other photographers, sometimes we just want to try something different, something new and then “our style” may change. Is it possible to define the style then? May even the changes be a part of the style? What is your perception of this? Let me know!

While thinking about it, enjoy the hottest days of the year!

Technical information: the photo above was taken with Canon EOS 450D camera and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM macro lens, mounted on tripod, under natural conditions.