2010 recapitulation

2 01 2011

With one year ending and another starting it is the time when many of us do some recapitulation of previous year and effort. We look back on our achievements as well as failures and we are setting up new goals.

If I look back on passed year 2010 I feel satisfaction in many ways – I reached some serious achievements in both professional and personal life but this, unfortunately, negatively influenced my photography life.

In the year 2008 when I started to take my photography more seriously I spent almost all my free time by taking  photos which had influence on my personal life so with the beginning of 2009 I made a resolution to spent more time with my family which I feel is my top priority. I understood that it will mean less time spent on shooting and thus less photos. With beginning of 2011 I add  “hobbies” on the same level with “work” and “family” and so now I need to find equilibrium state between these three to be happy and satisfied with my life. Equilibrium is my keyword for this year.

Now I would like to present my top 10 photos of 2010 and my selection was surely not hard because I created only between 20-30 photographs during previous year.


This photo was one of the first two which started my new series Flora in High Key in which I want to focus on capturing delicancy and pure beauty of flowers. 

This series has now 9 photos and I definitely want to continue in it.

This photo was originally published in this post.

I started flirting with techniques which help to give my photos painterly look and this photo of White Hyacinth is first one that I really like. I created only several photos using this technique in previous year and I hope that I will use it in future also. 

More about this photo and technique was originally published in this post.

This photo proves that I still tend to look for abstract images in world of flowers. I am instantly mesmerized by lines and colours. This is, er.. was, a lovely Bromelia flower whose flower head reminded me flames and fish scales. 

You can see this photo together with some other in this original post.

I always wanted to try using texture overlay(s) on my photos and this was my first real attempt. You can create such images either simply by trying various combination of original photo and a texture or you need an idea and strive for it. This was the second case which I like much more than the first one which seems to me more like a waste of time. It can work nicely for others, though. 

You can read more about the photo in this orginal post.

This is another result of my obsession for lines/curves in floral world and here it joins with my desire for extreme shallow depth of field which I feel sometimes. I remember taking photo of this Dwarf Tulip very well and I like the photo so much that it’s currently hanging in our bedroom. 

You can read more about this photo as well as about role of negative space in photography in this post.

This photo was created using a technique which I also wanted to try for some time – a panning. Our beautifully blooming meadow was great subject. 

This photo was originally published here.

This photo merges my desire for extreme shallow depth of field with something that I call a feminine style. I had seen so many photos using similar soft colour palette, especially on Flickr, that I decided to give it a try. Would you guess that it’s a common Dandelion? 

This photo was originally published in this post.

Another “feminine style“-ish photo, here combined with obsession for lines/curves and colours. Even though these soft and delicate images are quite appealing I don’t feel well creating them, they simply don’t mirror ME and I will most probably not create them in future. 

This photo was created in a period when I was looking for “my style” in photography. You can read about it here. By the way, this post was the most visited from all posts in previous year.

This photo is simple continuation of my daylily series which is not a real series but I like these semi abstract images so that their number is still slowly growing. I tried to give some attention in this particular photo so it is not so abstractive. 

You can see this photo together with some other in this post.

This photo is a result of my obsession for lines/curves and colours spiced up by HDR technique. I was inspired by Harold Davis who uses this technique masterfully and I would like to use it more in future as well. 

You can read more about how this photo has been created in this post.

Looking at those photos and comments that I gave to them one can see that I have tried several new techniques from which some I like and some I don’t. It can be also seen that I focused purely on flower photograhpy and I feel that I will continue in this trend. Also a percentage of photos taken outdoors has decreased significantly which also suits me more by now.

Reconsidering all this said and done, I must say that I am pretty happy with results of previous year. I took less images but I think that they are more thought through and done technically in better way. I am a bit dissapointed that I wasn’t able to continue with my series called “Meadow dreams” but I started new series (Flora in High Key) which grows satisfacorily. Hopefully I will continue both this year. I am really looking forward the upcoming year and opportunities that it will bring.

Finally, I want to thank you all for your favour and apprecation without which this blog wouldn’t exist anymore and my flower photography probably as well.


… and if you are interested, you can read my previous recapitulation (of year 2009) together with TOP 10 images of that year here.