Colours or B&W?

30 09 2012

I have usually pretty clear vision of how a photo should look like after processing and it was the same in case of this ‘mum photo. I wanted to add it to my growing series of photos in high-key look. Processing itself was rather easy with cloning out specks as the most time-consuming part. After all, the photo looked like I planned.

~ This Way (BW) ~
1/25 sec. @ 100 mm, f/2.8, ISO 100

Chrysanthemums are great flowers for many reasons. For me it’s because they start blooming in late summer and lasts through autumn until first frost and because of their blossom structure. I really like all those layers of petals which unfold slowly as if hiding some precious treasure in the very center. If I was a bee those petals would be like a highway for me. A highway leading me to the center of heaven.

When I had the photo processed I started wondering  how it would look like with colours back so I tried it and that was my damnation.

Now I can’t decide which version I like more. At least I can ask you. Which version do YOU like more and why?

Indian summer is in the air. Enjoy!




6 responses

30 09 2012

Za mne urcite colours… ten BW prevod by chtel jeste trosku poresit…

1 10 2012
Tomas Turecek

Diky za nazor. Jak si predstavujes to “poreseni” BW? Ja na to koukam a nenapada mne, co bych udelal jinak. Mimochodem, jak se vede?

1 10 2012

No zda se mi tam malo cerne… na high key je to moc tmave.. jeste bych si s tim pohral…
Jo jo vede se dobre, sem tam i nejake focenicko.. no koukni ke mne na web.

1 10 2012
Tomas Turecek

Ok, chapu. Nicmene, high-key nemusi byt jen silny kontrast mezi belostne bilou a tmavou. Obecne to muze byt jakakoliv fotka, ketra ma vetsinu dat v histogramu v jeho prave pulce 😉 Ale mas pravdu, ze to asi neni uplne typicky zastupce high-key.

2 10 2012
Anita Bower

Sometimes you just have to have two versions! Lovely!! I like them both.

3 10 2012
Tomas Turecek

Thank you, Anita. Still, this indecisiveness bothers me! 🙂

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