Look closer

29 06 2009

I look around and I see many stressed people hurrying from one place to another not even realizing how much of beauty they are passing by on every step. Either it’s a wonderful view on landscape from a window of crowded train or a tiny little flower fighting every day with surroundings for some vital rays of sun. It’s good to stop sometimes and look closer… Look closer at what you normally don’t see, or what you see but you don’t REALIZE that you see it.

I decided to create this blog to bring nature closer to you so you can realize what you miss even though you have it right in front of your eyes.

Look closer at nature with me…

Meadow Dreams I

Meadow Dreams  Series

I want to present here my view on nature around me, my experiences and difficulties with taking such images, I want to present here also other photographers, does not matter if they are unknown or world known, I want to share with you what interests me in photography. So look closer…