21 05 2012

Another month has passed and I had only one new photo to post.

~ Born To Be Wild ~
1/3 sec. @ 100 mm, f/5.6, ISO 100

My wife bought these tulips some 2 months ago. It wasn’t really possible to guess their colour(s) but those ruffled petal edges looked interesting to her. When they opened I really liked the torn edges and colourful blossoms with bright yellow centers and red petals or green petals with red streaks in them as you can see it on the photo. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any suitable composition without the pistils which may seems as distracting to someone. The photo was taken with afternoon sun behind the flower making the colours really glow.

With nice almost summer weather of last weeks I went outside with a camera couple times to practice but guess what, wind, the spoiler of good photography has been blowing almost all the time! Sometimes so strongly that it did not make sense to go outside with camera at all, sometimes so slightly that not a leave stirred but still too strongly for persisting a fragile flower under 1/100 of second. So after some attempts and failures I decided to work through older unprocessed images and found this one of lily pistils.

~ From A Hand ~
1/8 sec. @ 100 mm, f/2.8, ISO 100

I liked the unusually colourful petals which makes nice background in my opinion. The pistils looks to me like an open 6-finger hand from which center grows the stigma. With the bright fresh colours reminding me a spring it matches the tulip photo above even though the processing and feel of both photos differes a lot. At least they match in my eyes.

Have a wonderful springtime!

Technical information: all photos in this post were taken with Canon EOS 450D camera and Canon EF 100mm USM macro lens mounted to a tripod, under natural conditions, indoors.


Day lilies

20 07 2009

Day lily (of the genus Hemerocallis) got its name from the fact that every blossom blooms only one day. Fortunately one flower has plenty of stems and every stem has around 5 blossoms which means that it has a lot of blossoms and blooms for quite a long time, usually couple of weeks. There is a lot of different varieties and hybrids varying in colours and size of blossoms. Petal leaves are usually quite thick and contains big amount of liquids  therefore they seemsto glow when sun is shining through them. When you consider that some varieties are really colourful where one colour changes into another one very smoothly you realize that they are very suitable for close-up or macro photography. If you have light lens with f/2,8 and you open it up fully you will get very interesting colourful photos.

Yesterday were all the conditions perfect so I took few shots of these wonderful flowers. First image shows a bit more details of the blossom with stamens as the main subject.


1/125 sec., F10, ISO 200

Stamens and pistil have very nice colours and great curves so they are wonderful theme for macro shots as the following one.


1/1000 sec., F3.2, ISO 200

It’s really fun to set the macro lens to magnification ratio 1:1 and follow the stamens or pistil curves. Once something grabs your attention you just push the trigger.


1/1025 sec., F2.8, ISO 200

Sometimes the image may be interesting even without anything in focus. Only colours, light and shapes.


1/1000 sec., F2.8, ISO 200

The stamens are too dominant hence too luring to have them in an image. Unfortunately, they are too close to each other very often so it may be very hard to find suitable composition where nothing is cut.


1/800 sec., F2.8, ISO 200

The last image is the most appealing to me. I like the combination of nicely hazed low right corner with deep purple hues and then the curved stamens pointing diagonally to the top left corner.


1/1000 sec., F2.8, ISO 200

All images have been taken with Canon EOS 450D and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens and hand held.

There are also other photographers taking this kind of photos, actually one of them, professional photographer Michael Brown, brought my attention to this and he’s still my main source of inspiration. Beside Michael I know Ramamohan Pai, yet. You can see their work on following links:

I hope you enjoyed this post and wish you to have a nice summer day!