Colours or B&W?

30 09 2012

I have usually pretty clear vision of how a photo should look like after processing and it was the same in case of this ‘mum photo. I wanted to add it to my growing series of photos in high-key look. Processing itself was rather easy with cloning out specks as the most time-consuming part. After all, the photo looked like I planned.

~ This Way (BW) ~
1/25 sec. @ 100 mm, f/2.8, ISO 100

Chrysanthemums are great flowers for many reasons. For me it’s because they start blooming in late summer and lasts through autumn until first frost and because of their blossom structure. I really like all those layers of petals which unfold slowly as if hiding some precious treasure in the very center. If I was a bee those petals would be like a highway for me. A highway leading me to the center of heaven.

When I had the photo processed I started wondering  how it would look like with colours back so I tried it and that was my damnation.

Now I can’t decide which version I like more. At least I can ask you. Which version do YOU like more and why?

Indian summer is in the air. Enjoy!


Getting to market, step 1

7 04 2011

I announced my goal for this year – getting my photos to a market – in one of my previous posts. I did some small preparations when a very pleasant surprise met me and I’ll write about it in one of my next posts for sure. Let’s focus on the “getting to market goal” now.

My first step on the road ought to be offering my photos in a gallery hosted by the printing company where I make my photos printed. I have already sent my photos there but they haven’t been published, yet. Ok, never mind. They will do it soon, I guess.

Maybe a month ago my wife stuck on a web site called My local visitors will probably know it. It is the biggest local web portal for artists and craftsmen (no mass production) allowing them to offer their products on the portal pages for a commission. Something like a local version of I browsed the shop and I really liked what I found there. Frankly, I like the stuff there more and more 🙂 Moreover, I looked through a gallery of photographers offering their photos there and I found out that such a type of photography as I’m doing is not present there so my work will “fill the gap” in their portfolio. And “fler” if it comes from “fleur” in French means a blossom! What a match 😀

~ Seedy Mum ~
4 sec. @ 100 mm, f/10, ISO 100

It took me some time before I finally decided to put my work on display and so from now on you can see and buy my first 15 photos there. There is a LOT of various photos on the server so I’m really wondering if my works will interest someone to buy it. Time will tell. I know that the key is to have a bigger offer than just 15 images and I plan to update it regularly. I’ll definitelly do a recap after some time and I’m really looking foward to it.

Until then, enjoy the spring in full bloom!

Technical information: all photographies in this post were taken with Canon EOS 450D camera and Canon EF 100mm USM macro lens mounted to a tripod, in natural conditions, indoors.


1 11 2009

As I wrote in previous post I felt certain demotivation in taking photos in last month or so. It was mainly caused by dismal weather –  misty mornings, overcast days with low level of light, dying and rotting flowers, leaves, bushes, this all played its role. When I returned from work it was already cold and dark outside so it was much better in warm inside. I had known that I needed to get over this feeling on my own but I also knew that it won’t be easy with nothing in bloom nowadays.

Last wednesday we had a bank holiday and when I was walking in our garden I was surprised by chrysantemums in full bloom. There were 3 different kinds: full blossomed dark red, star blossomed pale orange and full blossomed bright yellow. I observed them a bit and noticed that due to the fog and light drizzle the blossoms were literally soaked with water and covered by “millions” of small water dropplets. It caught my attention and I thought that it might be worthy to take couple of photos of them. I got inside, grabed my camera and got outside quickly and I felt better than in last weeks. Then I played with shooting close-ups of single blossoms, bending over them, squating under them, moving a bit to the left and a bit to the right, you all know this dance 😀 After taking some 150 photos (a usual amount for one theme) I hurried home, downloaded phototos to PC and while I was looking at my results I felt much better and I felt the demotivation disappearing.

Here you can see 3 photos which I considered as the best.


1/100 sec. @ 100 mm, f/4, ISO 320, 2 stacked images for wider DOF


1/80 sec. @ 100 mm, f/4, ISO 800


1/100 sec. @ 100 mm, f/4, ISO 500

Technical information: all photos were taken with Canon EOS 450D camera and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM macro lens under natural conditions (fog, drizzle, overcast).

I want to append a short story about the name that I chose for this post. When I was looking for some information about these flowers on the net I found out that they have beautiful name in Czech – listopadka. This name is derived from the name of November which is in Czech “listopad” and means “leaves fall” or “leaves are falling”. I liked this name so much that I decided to create it in English and use it as a name for this post – Leavesfalls.

My message for today is: whenever you find yourself demotived from taking photos, it’s only you who can help you. Try to grab all the power you yet have in yourself, take your camera, look for something interesting and try to capture it until you are satisfied with the result. Try to focus only on taking pictures, leave anything else out of your mind and I’m sure that not only it will help you but you will feel better and you will come out with some interesting images! — Similar message was posted a long time ago on blog by Michael Brown and here I resend it to others.

Enjoy even these miserable wet and cold days and try to find something beautiful every day. Beauty surrounds us all the time!