Taking time

7 04 2012

You can say that I am taking my time with blogging and you are right. I still cannot get the right grip with photography and my thoughts are easily drawn to other things. Nevertheless I take a camera from time to time and take some photos, processing them is something else though. In last days my mind was turning around idea of posting something new and yesterday I had a discussion with a colleague of mine, in work and photogprahy, about our photography and this discussion was the final push which I needed to sit behind my computer and process some of the latest photos. When thinking about the photo for processing I was drawn to one which I had in my mind in last weeks, a photo of pink kalanchoe which I wanted to present in little bit grungy way. I used one of my very few textures and after some time I got a photo which I had in my mind for a long time.

~ Rough World ~
1.6 sec @ 100 mm, f/8, ISO 100

I know that it looks a little bit strange with further blossoms out of focus and then a background full in focus but I somewhat like this contrast and I am interested in your comments.

Sometimes, actually quite often, when I am done with a photo I try out different processings just for fun and sometimes I get a result I like. Mayhap influenced by the discussion with my colleague yesterday I tried to give the photo (the original one before applying texture) a high-key look and I really like the result.

It will never stop to surprise me how easily you can change a look and atmosphere of a photo. It may be a good exercise so you can try it, too.

Thank you for your persistence in visiting this blog and I wish you happy Easter.

Addendum: as some of you expressed your interest in what and how I hung on a wall in our living room, here is a photo of the set of photographs we finally decided for. All are prints on canvas, the biggest ones are 40x60cm, the smallest is 20x20cm, overall area covered by photos is 160x100cm and they are above our sofa. It was challenging to find a set of photographs fitting together without distracting viewers (mostly me, my wife and our kids) and we think we succeeded. I was pleased by several positive comments from our friends when visiting us but especially one asking who painted it for us.




11 responses

7 04 2012
Anita Bower

Hi, Tomas! Glad to receive a comment from you on my photo and to see some of yours. I like what you did with this photo. Nicely composed (as always). Lovely colors and processing. The texture works very well, in my opinion.
I also like the photos above your couch! Wow! Blast of color. I’m especially delighted that you have some of your own work on the walls of your house. So few photographers seem to do this. 🙂

7 04 2012
Tomas Turecek

Thank you, Anita, both for visit and kind words. I especially appreciate your comment about the texture because I use them very rarely while you are a master in their use.
As to photos in living room – we have living room in shades of brown (dark brown floor, whitened oak doors, beige and coffee-with-milk on walls, dark brown almost black couch and furniture) so red carpet and these colourful photos break the colour monotony.

7 04 2012
Barbara Kile

Welcome back Tomas! I love both of your blog images. It’s nice to try different ‘takes.’ Background in focus, then out of focus; black-white with lots of contrast, then little; toning…… the list goes on. I’m processing images differently than I did a year ago – so our tastes, added by the feedback of others helps us to define our direction sometimes. I’m just glad you are processing some of your images again. Your wall is great too!

7 04 2012
Tomas Turecek

Thank you, Barbara. It is as you say, it’s nice to try different processing but still I realize that ifI like some kind of processing I tend to use it more times to have a (mini) series with the same look. And as you I also process photos differently today than a year ago.
When talking about processing and possibilities (which seems almost endless) it’s interesting that very often I get to a state of satisfaction during processing phase. Even if I don’t know what final processing I would like to have applied on a certain photograph I allways get to a state when I feel that NOW it is ready and I usually don’t even think of trying something else. Hopefully it makes some sense to you.

11 04 2012

Hi Tomas! Lately, other things have been pulling me away from my photography as well. Perhaps, there is something afoot in the universe? 😉

You clearly began with a stunning image that only seems to get more beautiful with your post processing. You have a skilled eye for composition and these blossoms are lovely!

To be honest, I am not so sure about the photo grouping. 😦 It simply seems unbalanced to me. I’ve played around with it a bit and if you are interested, I can send you an image of what I came up with.

11 04 2012
Tomas Turecek

Thank Tracy. Be sure I am interested in what you came up with regarding the prints on my wall. Together with my wife we spent couple of evenings on this, first selecting suitable photos, then grouping them and if we stick to these 8 photos this was the only grouping which seemed somehow balanced to us. Please provide your version, I am really interested in it.

11 04 2012

Thanks for letting me “butt in”! Image is on its way to you via e-mail.

13 04 2012
Tomas Turecek

Thanks Tracy. Image received, I’ll comment it via email also.

14 04 2012

Nice arrangement of your images Tomas. I am sure they really brighten your family’s day having them there. I am much the same way on blogging, I don’t “chat” much – and tend to post when the feeling to starts to build up.

14 04 2012
Tomas Turecek

Thank you, Mark. Now I relly feel that I could get back to photography more often. Just today I checked some unprocessed images from last year and found some really nice ones. I’m now impatient to process them.

22 04 2012

The first image is beautiful – and your arrangement looks great. I hope you get out soon to do more…

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