No unsuitable subjects

3 07 2011

You see something and tell yourself “This would be a great subject for a photo!”or the opposite “This wouldn’t make for a decent photo”. I guess you all know this. During past months I’ve learned that there are NO unsuitable subjects. You can take a decent photo of any subject you find. It’s only about time and creativity.

Now let’s speak about flowers. Some of them are naturally more appealing than others and then it will be probably easier to take a nice photo of them. If it comes to the originality of such a photo, well, it will probably take you a little bit more time to come up with original photo of an appealing flower but on the other hand there are beautiful flowers of which taking original photos isn’t easy at all, for example orchids. And then there are flowers which might not be much appealing, I bet everyone has some. I personally don’t like pansies. They are so fragile, so flat, so… boring! But it’s their season now and so I decided to give them a try. We have 2 colour varieties in our garden and it’s nice that each blossom is a little bit different from others even in one colour variety. I wanted to have an original photo so I was looking for different composition than I saw already on web and I came up with very close close-up. Pansies have nice small details if you take a look at them closely but I wanted something original so I decided to convert photo into painting using Snap Art 2 plug-in for Photoshop. I used “oil on canvas” setting as this matched best to the subject. Click on photo for bigger image with more details.

~Like a Butterfly ~
1/2 sec. @ 100 mm, f/20, ISO 100

One advice if you decide to photograph pansies, take a fresh blossoms and not after rain otherwise you will spend hours in photo editor cloning out all the specks, especially from dark parts.

Another flower which I saw as unsuitable for decent photos is petunia. It nicely beautifies our windows but when it comes to taking nice and original photo of it, well, I didn’t think it will work. Then I saw a great photo of petunia on flickr and I decided to give them a try. When I started to study the flower closely I noticed that magical deep violet colour which was so rich that it was almost black. It looked so great that I really wanted to have some nice photo of it. It wasn’t so hard to find pleasing composition but as the leaves in background were a little bit disturbing I thought about conversion to painting again. This time “impasto” style worked best so here is the result. Click on photo for bigger image with more details.

~ Black velvet trumpets ~
1/2 sec. @ 100 mm, f/20, ISO 100

I think it works quite nicely but when I was in Photoshop I thought that maybe I could try also some other filters (sometimes when working with a photo I simply start to wonder what various filters/presets could do with it. This time I went directly to “invert” filter even though I really don’t know why, it was some kind of intuition and here is the result which really appeals to me. Click on photo for bigger image with more details.

~ Surfinia feather ~

Feather was the very first thing which came to my mind when I saw this image.

I tried also other filters but haven’t got anything interesting until I went to Snap art again and tried other presets. I used only “impasto” and “oil on canvas” in past because other presets usually results in something not so impressive but this time I really liked result of “stylize” filter which gave the photo a little bit cartoonish style. Click on photo for bigger image with more details.

~ Violet Gold ~

I like all these results and I wanted to share them with you. Here you can see how a subject which saw as unsuitable for good photo may turn up as direct opposite so if you have some subjects which you resisted to photograph so far, give them a chance. I’m pretty sure that you’ll be surprised with your results. Anyway, taking photos of subjects which we see as unsuitable for good photos is great exercise because we need to overcome our bias and think about the subject deeply to be able to work with it and expect good result.

If photos in this post will serve as inspiration for you I’ll be more than pleased. Let me know your results!

Enjoy your summer holidays and vacations.

Technical information: photograph in this post was taken with Canon EOS 450D camera and Canon EF 100mm USM macro lens on a tripod, in natural conditions.




10 responses

4 07 2011
Anita Bower

You have a wonderful eye for composition, especially showcased in the second photo. I’m going to have to experiment with “invert.”

4 07 2011
Tomas Turecek

Thanks, Anita. It’s funny how intuition works. You are processing your image and suddenly … CLICK! … what if I try this filter/preset which I never used before?

5 07 2011
Jolene Hanson

Taking an original photo of flowers can be quite a challenge. But, there are ways to capture those sometimes flat, boring flowers in a way that’s unique, and you’ve done quite well! I like how you composed your shots, and the filters you applied added a lot of interest. I especially like the effect on the Surfinia feather. I tried something similar a few weeks back, but never posted it. You’ve inspired me to try again!

8 07 2011
Tomas Turecek

Thanks Jolene! In past I also hesitated to post some versions of my photos for various reasons – they didn’t match my portfolio, they were “too wild”aso. Now I’m starting to post them if I like them. Why would I making them then? Go on and post yours also 😉

7 07 2011
Barbara Kile

Yes, I love experiments that turn out fun! I also love pansies and you have presented these very well!

8 07 2011
Tomas Turecek

Thanks Barbara! I knew you will react to this post 🙂 And I know that you love experiments. It is true that I’m starting experimenting a little bit more than in past (oh ho, some more are coming 😀 ) and I’m also starting posting them.

15 07 2011
Ken Bello

I really like this series you’ve posted, Tomas. Very exciting.

15 07 2011
Tomas Turecek

Thanks Ken. I’m glad you like it.

17 01 2012

“You can take a decent photo of any subject you find. It’s only about time and creativity.”

I would have to agree with you!

17 01 2012
Tomas Turecek

Thank you, Jill. It is exciting to hear that others share this point of view.

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