Meadow Sun And A Bit Of Fun

17 06 2010

I would like to go back to the very roots of this blog in today’s post. If you read this blog from the very beginning you know that my main intention for starting it was “bringing nature closer” to all of you.

I am still awed again and again by the tiny little details that can be found in nature on our every step and I want to capture these details and present them to you, sometimes in a more artistic way, other times in more traditional way.

Some 1 or 2 months ago you could have seen yellow fields and meadows everywhere and I am not speaking about rapeseed now. I dared to use my artistic license to call these tiny flowers Meadow suns as they shine from every meadow and as yellow is optimistic colours it always make me cheerful. Yes, I am writing about as simple and common flowers as Dandelions. During their time they are really on every step and they can’t be overlooked.

I tried to capture this little flower in original way to remind everyone how beautiful it really is.

~ Meadow Sun ~
1/200 sec. @ 100 mm, f/4, ISO100

I like the curves and how the brighter and darker parts varies. It really reminds me Sun throwing hot clouds of gas into space.

~ Vanilla-Strawberry Shake ~
1/200 sec. @ 100mm, f/4, ISO 100

This is a photo of the same part as in the previous photo but focused on the end of tendrils. The colours seemed a bit of humdrum so I played with it in Lighroom, coming with this after some time. It was made only for fun yet I really like the result.

Both photos show my intention to seek common things in nature and capture and present them in unseen way. I like to go into such details that real things become abstract such as in these cases.

Hopefully you like it and it made you a bit more cheerful.

Thanks for looking and for your comments!

Technical details: photos in this post were taken with Canon EOS 450D camera, Canon EF 100 mm f/2.8 USM macro lens and HOYA close-up +4 filter, everything mounted to a tripod, under natural conditions.




15 responses

17 06 2010

I would never have guessed it was a dandelion, really beautiful the way you’ve captured it in the first photo. The colors in the second one are definitely vanilla and strawberry 🙂

17 06 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thank you, Monique!

17 06 2010

Both shots are truly lovely and you achieved exactly what you were aiming for. It appears you take great care in naming your images (as do I) and I love the names of each of these. Just beautiful! The dandelions would be honored!

17 06 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thank you, Tracy. I am glad you like them. And yes, I like to think about matching titles. Sometimes the titles come to me easily, such as in these cases, sometimes they don’t.

18 06 2010

superbes images !

18 06 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thank you, Marie!

18 06 2010

Fabulous detail in the second image – and I am reminded now of milkshakes!

18 06 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thank you, Kala!

19 06 2010
Anita Bower

Lovely! Both are glorious! Thanks for reminding me of the beauty of macro photography. I like the effect you got playing with colors for the second one. Excellent!!

19 06 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thank you, Anita!

26 06 2010
Bob Towery

Your approach and execution are really interesting Tomas. Many times we photographers “just go take pictures.” What you show us here is that when you go out with a purpose, the resulting images are stepped up a notch. By taking just one plant out of thousands in a field, you show us that nature’s beauty extends down literally to the tendrils of each plant. Well done.

26 06 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thank you for your sophisticated comment, Bob. I appreciate it!

27 06 2010

toto jsou jedny z nejlepsich fotek, co tady mas. Hlavne ta druha…

27 06 2010
Tomas Turecek

ooo, diky. Je zajimave, ze uspech maji hlavne ty fotky, ktere delam jen tak pro zabavu a jen obcas ty, ktere myslim vazne 😦

2 01 2011
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