Pan in wood

31 05 2010

The previous post was about motion blur (also called panning or pan) photography and I will continue with it in this post as well so if you are not interested in this photo technique, do not continue in reading 🙂

I always wanted to try some motion blurs (pans) in woods, inspired by excellent work of Tony Sweet, Ed Vatza and Mark Graf. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy task to find a suitable wood for this. Maybe you  ask now – what is so difficult about it? Well, if you want nice results you need some contrast and colours. Therefore it is good if you have some aspen or birch trees in a group and something darker in a background as a contrary to the bright trees. Coloured fall leaves or nice blooming flowers making a colourfull carpet are advantages.

On my first vacations this year I visited with my wife and son nice part of our country near pictoresque city Znojmo called NP Podyji where the best vineyards in our country lies and where the best wine is being grown and made. It is said that the first vineyards were established there by Romans more than 1000 years ago but this is another story. On one of our walks we were passing by a nice pine wood and I thought that this is a good place to try some pans. My 2-years old son was running around the trees so it wasn’t easy to get a photo without him but after some first tries I got this:

0.8 sec. @ 50mm, f/32, ISO 100

This is how the wood would look like filled with light. I admit that I made a bit more than casual post processing here and I like the vivid colours and how bright the wood looks.

On the other hand this is quite far from reality and I wanted to make one more version which would be as near to the reality as possible. After some tweaks I came up with this:

I really like how easily you can change the mood of the place on the photograph by couple of changes in post-processing. These 2 images, coming from single photo, reminds me the day and night, the darkness and light, yin and yang, the eternal equlibrium I believe in.

I know there is a lot of experimenting lying before me but still I hope that you like these photos.

Take care and enjoy all the beauty around you in a form of spring flowers in their full bloom!!!

Technical details: the photo in this post was taken with Canon EOS 450D camera and Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 lens + circular polarizing filter under natural conditions.




4 responses

2 06 2010

I’ve tried it a couple of times, but still haven’t got the hang of it. When I see these beautiful photo’s I want to give it another try! I like the mood in both of the photos … one has a spring feeling with all those bright colors and the other one has a nice cool atmosphere.

2 06 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thank you Monique! Definitly give it a try, it’s not so difficult. I gave a simple tutorial how to make these pans in my previous post so you can look for hints there 😉

4 06 2010

The top one is really great Tomas. It is difficult to find good separation of trees that you have here. The bottom one is a bit dark for me.

4 06 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thanks Mark. You are right about the separation and that it is hard to be found. This was pure coincidence. The pines were in a row wide maybe 15 metres with some younger trees and bushes bordering it on one side. This provided the isolation.
The top photo also suits me better because of bright colours and the overall positive, cheery atmosphere. Nevertheless, I wanted to share also the version which was as near to the reality as possible. I wanted to present how easily can be changed the mood of the photo and how far must sometimes photographer go in a post-processing to create something appealing from a “common” dull photo.

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