21 04 2010

After the exceptionally long and harsh winter spring finally rushed into my homeland. Tulips are one of the first garden flowers which, together with crocuses and hyacinths, welcome spring every year and so I couldn’t resist photographing them. The weather truly stood its adjective “foolish” this april as it was either rainy or windy so far and we still have frost some mornings. Weather was finally beautiful last weekend so I took a camera out of the house after long time and took some flower shots which you can see below. I have spring linked with beautiful smell of flowers, fresh air with a scent of rain and with strong sun rays in my mind and that’s what I tried to caught in these pictures.

1/100 sec. @ 100 mm, f/4, ISO 100

Not before the photos were processed had I realized that I actually never presented a single photo of a tulip and it is very probable that I never took a photo of a tulip which is really a surprise to me because it is a subject which is photographed very very often.

As you can see from these photos tulips are great subject also for abstract photography. They are available in wide range of colours and even one blossom may bear a rich palette of colours. The following photo is only a crop from the one above and by cutting the stem the subject is minimized only to curvy shapes and bright colours.

Probably the biggest disadvantage of these fragile, yet  noble, flowers is that they don’t last long when cut into vase so the best way to get pleasing photos of them is photographing them either outside or freshly cut.

1/200 sec @ 100 mm, f/2.8, ISO 100

So enjoy the beauty of spring!

Technical information: all photos were taken using Canon EOS 450D camera and Canon EF 100mm USM macro lens under natural conditions, outside and hand-held.




10 responses

21 04 2010

Splendid macro!

22 04 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thank you!

22 04 2010

Beautiful abstracts Tomas, I love the soft pink color that works really well with the beautiful curves of the tulip.

22 04 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thanks, Monique. Long time no hear.

23 04 2010
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23 04 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thanks, I’ll think about it.

23 04 2010
Anita Bower

Nice, soft images with beautiful light and color. Glad you are photographing again.

23 04 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thanks, Anita. I hope to present new photos more frequently again. And also visit other photo blogs more often and leave comments.

1 05 2010
Barbara Kile

I love the soft feel of these. The color of the tulip and the background really compliment each other!

2 05 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thank you, Barbara. I thought you would like them 😉

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