One scene, many possibilities

8 03 2010

During my one year experience of photographing flowers I have found out that it is quite easy to take more photos of one scene with different atmosphere, mood and overall feel. This is truth at least for studio shooting. Sometimes it is possible even with a single subject as on following photos.

~ Flamenco Gerbera ~
0.6 sec. @ 100mm, f/20, ISO 100

1.3 sec. @ 100 mm, f/20, ISO 100

Even from a quick glance you can see that the overall feel of each photo is radically different and you can also see that it is the same photo. Well, not exactly – in the first photo I used black background while in the second one I opted for white background. But beside this it is the same photo. The lighting was the same in both cases – the natural sunshine of a medium intensity sometimes after midday. I was afraid that the reds will be overexposed in those areas where the rays of light fell on the petals but I was happy  when it proved to be a negative presumption after looking at histogram for red colour.

These  two photos had had completely different feel even before discolouration of the second one. Such an affect only by changing background. Now realize that you can change also lighting, composition, depth of field, focal length, shutter speed etc. There is so much possibilities.

When I have a shooting session with a flower I usually try to find all possibilities of what might end up as a good shot. Sometimes I visualize the photo and try to achieve it. Sometimes I achieve it sometimes I don’t. Anyway, I end up with photos which may be great even though I didn’t visualize them and haven’t thought about them before shooting.

What I’m trying to say by all this is that from my experience I recommend to not focus only on visualizing the photo, if you visualize it in advance at all, but try to use the scene as much as possible. Use your creativity and I am sure that you will end up with some very interesting and maybe even surprising images.

Enjoy the spring and do not forget to play with a scene!




2 responses

22 03 2010
Bernie Kasper

Great shot Tomas, and you are definitely right about your approach to shooting, I usually go in with something in mind but then I try every possible angle and use of the subject which can make everything change form where I started.. if any of that makes sense 😉

22 03 2010
Tomas Turecek

Yes, I think that this approach is only logical but I also think that once the photographer is skilled enough s/he usually visualize the final image and strive for it instead of taking photos from every possible angle and in every possible light. Time will tell 🙂

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