First year of photography

6 01 2010

It’s almost one year since the moment when I started to focus on flora and nature photography and in this post I would like to present 10 photographs from this time that I like the most and that somehow summarize my work.

I have always liked nature and had a camera with me on trips or vacations but I didn’t know what to focus on so I took casual photos. I at least knew something about composition but I still produced only common average photos. I decided to write a short story behind the photo and I want to thank Mark Graf who did this on his blog and it inspired me.

Lily Stamens – It all begun with this photo. One day a colleague of mine mentioned that he bought a close up filter for his camera and I convinced him to lend it to me. I mounted it to my Tamron 17-50 lens the very same day and tried several shots of these lilies that we had in vase at home. That’s how this photo have been done and it influenced my next work significantly. I bought own close up filter and started to shoot in the surroundings of our house. There is a plenty of opportunities as we live in a village and our house is surrounded mostly by meadows and fields.
Dreamy Landscape (Meadow Dreams Series) – I used the close up filter mostly with Canon 70-200mm lens and this is one of the results, personally one of my favourites ever. If you wonder what it is and how it was done, then you shall know that it’s a single blossom of Ranuncul (Globe-flower) and smaller Forget-me-nots lower shot through a tall grass trunks.

Before this photo was taken I made a personal discovery that had probably the biggest influence on my later work and it was a discovery of art by exceptional artist, Michael Brown. I spent hours and hours reading through his blog posts, soaking up an inspiration and I knew that this is the kind of photography I want to make. You can find this and other photos from this series in 2 posts, here and here.

A Border (Floral Curves Series) – Another attempt for abstract floral photo. On this Zantedeschia lily I was attracted by its vivid violet blossom and dark green colour of leaves with wax texture. It had nicely curved leaves with bright, almost white, spots and I planned to play much more with it. Unfortunately, it dried quite quickly and for unknown reason. You can find more Zantedeschia images in this post.
A Day lily / Hemerocallis (Floral Curves Series) – Day lilies are excellent subject for abstract floral photography. There are many different colour varieties, they have quite big blossoms allowing a photographer to “delve” into it and they have thick petals full of liquid which makes petals glow when backlit. You can find more such images in this post.

This shot as well as all others were taken with a Canon 100mm macro lens which I bought because a zoom lens + close up filter didn’t provide the quality I was looking for.

Gymnocalycium cactus – When summer came and cacti of my wife started to bloom I thought that it might be great subject for photography. Moreover cacti photos are not seen very often. You can see more photos of this cactus here.
Unknown cactus – Another beautiful blossom with amazingly vivid colours. Unfortunately, the day when I took this photo was not hot enough, only around 25°C, and the stamens were not “standing” but leaning toward the stigma. More photos of this cactus are here.
Yellow rose – I tried to capture a beauty of roses several times but never ended with at least average image. This time I was really happy with the result 🙂 It was previously published with one more photo in this post.
Dragon Wing (Floral Curves Series) – This may be hard to distinguish but it is a rim of leaf from peach tree. I was attracted by the small “claws” on the edge and by the colours. It was originally posted here.
Dried Oak Leaves – I was looking for shooting autumn leaves for long time and this is one of results. I like Oak Leaves for their curvy shape and strong leaf veins. You can find more here.
Red Leaves in Japanese Style #2 – A bush with these very thin branches and tiny spear-shaped leaves was only couple of meters from the oak tree that you can see in previous image. It was even captured in the same day. The bush had wonderfully coloured leaves with hues of red and orange and they were nicely lit by autumn sun light. It was originally posted here and you can find another version of this photo here.

As I look at the selection I think that it nicely represents my style and direction. I mostly take photos of flowers, especially blossoms and then leaves but abstracts are still my biggest love, so to say.

So this is my year of photography, I’m really looking forward to creating such a selection for another year and analysing it – did it change and how, is there any progress?

Have a great photographic year and have your eyes open wherever you go, inspiration is everywhere!




15 responses

7 01 2010

An excellent collection. The one I like best is the “dreamy landscape” the graps and OOF flower image – beautiful and subtle.

7 01 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thanks, Tom. I really appreciate your appreciation 🙂 The Dreamy Landscape is my favourite as well.

7 01 2010
Barbara K

Well, next year you will have to print a calendar! It would make a wonderful Christmas gift! What a lovely collection, and although we all have our favorite season, I’ll bet you can’t wait for spring! 🙂

Your Meadow Dream series was one of my favorites and your ‘edge’ shots are lovely.

Here’s to flowers! (although stepping ‘out of the box’ is fun!)

7 01 2010
Tomas Turecek

Hi Barbara, it’s an excellent idea with a calendar, it didn’t cross my mind. And you’re right with the spring. I can’t wait for continuing with my meadow dreams series.

7 01 2010
Anita Bower

A beautiful collection of images. I’m impressed with the quality of your work, especially for your first year of focusing on this subject. Thanks for sharing.

7 01 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thank you, Anita. I’m flattered by you appreciation. But how I could do crap with such amazing advisers and critics as you, Barbara, Mark, Bernie, Ed and others! 😉

8 01 2010

… and what a year it has been, Tomas. While we may not have agreed on everything over the past year (who does), I do think sharing our thoughts have helped both of us grow. I particularly like the “Dreamy Landscape”. If its not, it should be hanging on your wall!

8 01 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thank you very much, Ed. Thank you for this comment and thank you for being a good and true collegue who is not afraid to tell his true opinion. I know that I’m very critical sometimes and some might not like it so I also appreciate that you bear my strong and sometimes harsh critique with a calm mind 😉 It’s only natural that each of us has slightly different preferencies, I can’t imagine that our world would be full of photographers focused on the same area of interest! I only hope that my comments on your work helped you somehow I’ll try to do my best to help you also in this year 😀 I value your visits and comments on my work and hope that you will come here also in next weeks and months.

9 01 2010
Bob Towery

A nice reflection on some very nice work. Growing as an artist, for sure. That’s great!

9 01 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thank you Bob! I appreciate it!

12 01 2010

This is a lovely and I think remarkable selection out of your years work…something that you can be proud of for sure, but, more importantly, a body of work that obviously brings joy to you and inspires others. I know that it inspires me! Thanks for sharing these beauties. I will look forward to seeing what evolves in this new year!

12 01 2010
Tomas Turecek

Thank you, Dulcie! It was a remarkable year for me, that’s for sure. I’m pleased when someone like my work and if you say that it even inspires you, that’s more then what I ever imagined. Thank you!

13 01 2010

Thanks for putting this together Tomas. What a great year you have had. It is quite rewarding to look back on the memories over the year.

My favorites of this group:
Yellow Rose – love the composition on this one
Red leaves Japanese style – I like that these look like delicate paint brushes.

13 01 2010
Tomas Turecek

Hi Mark, thank you for your comment. To be honest I didn’t think about making such selection post but as I saw it done by other photographers I follow often I started to think about it. After all I’m glad that I did it as it allows me to do a self retrospective. Now I can say with which photos I am satisfied and with which not and why. I can see that I did some photos that I like and that I’d like to continue with in this year (basically the series – Meadow Dreams, Floral Curves). Then I made some images that I’m happy with (most of cacti photos) but it’s not representing my creativity much so I’d like to think more about such images and give something more from myself to them. I am sure that I will also try something new – first swallows are the Pebbles and High Keys. Let’s see what future brings.

2 01 2011
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