Impression in Japanese style… ?

8 12 2009

When I spent a weekend with my family in the mountains 2 weeks ago shooting oak leaves from previous post I was attracted by interesting bush, unknown to me, with very thin branches and tiny thin spear shaped leaves. The bush had amazing variety of autumnal colours from yellow through orange to red. I took a couple of photos (well, around 40, I guess) as sun shone through the leaves and a slight wind was playing with them. Here is one of the photos. When I post-processed it I played with vignette settings in LR 2.5 a bit and I came with a setting that reminded me those simple Japanese Zen drawings usually drawn with black ink and brush.

1/200 sec. @ 100mm, f/4, ISO 100

Technical information: the photo was taken with Canon EOS 450D camera and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM lens under natural conditions, hand held.

What do you think? Is the orange too prominent? Is it too tight? Does it evoke any feelings?

I will post some other photos of this bush next time.

Enjoy the first snow where you already have it! (We have only rain, fogs and cold 😦 )




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8 12 2009

napravo se mi zdaji listky moc natesno, jinak parada

8 12 2009
Tomas Turecek

jj, napravo listky zasahuji do ramecku, ale risknul jsem to a jsem zvedavy, co na to lidi reknou. Daval jsem fotku na 2 fora a podle reakci to zatim lidem nevadi. Dik za zastaveni! Jsem rad, ze se libi.

10 12 2009

I like it! Not too bright for my tastes, though I can imagine it less bright as well. Love the dreamy effect you achieved with your camera, and the vignette works well here. Good job.

10 12 2009
Tomas Turecek

Thank you, Anita, for your judging words 😉 I’m glad that you like it.

10 12 2009
Barbara K

You have an ‘in focus’ branch and a ‘slightly out of focus’ branch – and both are in focus enough that you want to be sure you haven’t ‘clipped’ the edge of the frame. A good rule of thumb is: either cut it off decisively or leave space – preferably equal distance on both sides. That being said, your composition is very well done and the color is pleasing. Would f/8 or so left the background conflicting with the branch?

I think it DOES look like a zen drawing – and that is very pleasing! Looking forward to more!

10 12 2009
Tomas Turecek

Thank you, Barbara. It seems that you have a good advice for any of my images and I really appreciate it! I know what you mean by the rule of thumb – I try to keep this one very often but this time I decided to break it and wait for comments of you, fellow photographers. Some like it as it is, some point out the cut leaves on the right side. I think that slightely higher number likes it as it is. To be honest, I’d be more happy with all the leaves in the frame but I liked this unusal vignetting and overall feel so much that I gave it a try. Your suggestion about f/8 is reasonable and you can be sure that I tried it 😉 Not only that it made background too prominent but it made visible also leaves from another branch on the very right side. This composition and f choice seemed to me as the best.

10 12 2009

Oh yes, do give us more. I like this Zen feeling…and I agree it could also work with a slightly lighter orange background. Beautifully seen.

10 12 2009
Tomas Turecek

Hi Dulcie and thanks for stopping by again! I’ll try to process the other 2 photos soon. They are not so zen-ish but still I hope that they will interest you.

11 12 2009

Good advice above. I like the way you worked the light here. Very effective. This is going to sound like I am talking out of both sides of my mouth but I like the softness (it contributes to the Zen-like feel) yet I wish for just a little more dof – maybe enough to keep that base branch in focus. I look forward to seeing more images from this series.

11 12 2009
Tomas Turecek

I see your point, Ed. If I remember well I didn’t try one f-stop higher, I tried something like f/8. Maybe f/5.6 could help here.

11 12 2009

Wow enjoyed reading this blogpost. I added your rss to my reader!

12 12 2009
Tomas Turecek

Thanks for the add! I hope that you’ll find also other posts, either older or newer, interesting and enjoyable.

12 12 2009
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