Meadow Dreams continue…

3 08 2009

I wrote about my Meadow Dreams Series here some 2 weeks ago and it seems that you liked it. Whereas the first presented photos were taken under the bright day light and mainly on grassy valley meadow (next to our house) today I post images taken in late evening sun light on the mountain meadow (next to our cottage 🙂 ).

I was looking for some interesting scenes for this series for whole weekend when I saw that the very last rays of beuatiful warm sun light were lightening a near meadow one evening so I haven’t hesitated a second, took my camera and shot  following images. It was a pity that the sun went down so quickly but that’s the way it is, I guess.

You can see the radical difference in the atmosphere between images in this post and the previous one. Last time I wrote that light is the key element for this kind of photography and I think that following images only prove it. I would like to take another bunch of photos in the early morning light but it’s not so easy for me to wake up so early and go outside to shoot before my travel to work. Also flowers are usually closed in the early morning.

When I was processing these images I decided to name them to boost the atmosphere a bit and to give you a hint of what I see in them.


~ Hurry, A Night Is Coming! ~
~ Meadow Dreams Series ~

1/160 sec. @ 50mm, f/5.6, ISO 200

While I was processing the previous image I decided to crop it to square format to get a different image with a different story behind it.


~ Alone ~
~ Meadow Dreams Series ~
1/160 sec. @ 50mm, f/5.6, ISO 200


~ Family ~
~ Meadow Dreams Series ~

1/250 sec. @ 50mm, f/5.6, ISO 200

Technical information: All shots were taken with Canon EOS 450D + Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 + HOYA Close-up filter +4.

I hope you’ll like it. Enjoy the summer!




8 responses

4 08 2009

I think I prefer the first series. The strong saturation in these images does not seem to go with the soft focus. Having said that, I like what you are experimenting with and the beautiful colors.

4 08 2009
Tomas Turecek

Thanks for comment, Anita. Your preference is your choice of course 😉 I would like to add that these photos were not enhanced in saturation directly. There was some white balancing in Lightroom 2 leading to warmer colours, then some levels adjustments in PS CS3. So these images are mostly the same as I saw them in reality. Thanks for stopping by!

5 08 2009
Bernie Kasper

Really like the Family shot Tomas, very mysterious feel to it, keeps my attention focused on wanting to see more from it. Well done !!

5 08 2009
Tomas Turecek

Now I must admit that I don’t have any other shots for this series, yet. On the other hand I hope that you will not wait too long!

5 08 2009

Your meadow series is a nice ‘theme’ that you have going. I love abstracts! And the touch of color in #1 and #2 is lovely.

7 08 2009

I have some mixed feelings about this series. I like the “Family” for the very reason that I feel uneasy about the first two. There just seems to be too much happening in the first two with too many lines going in too many directions. It doesn’t fit the dreaminess that I would seek. “Family”, on the other hand, does.

That said, keep up the experimenting. It’s taking you to some really cool places.

7 08 2009
Tomas Turecek

These 3 images differes a lot from the first 3. It’s true that th first 2 mages contain many lines which may lead ones eye to distraction, on the other hand they are not meant to be simple abstracts. What they evoke in my mind is an image of a jungle where these campanulas have been lost. What I especially like here is the light and vivid dense colours. The “Family” on the other hand I like least. Thank you, Ed, for stopping by and for your comment.

6 01 2010
First year of photography « Close Nature

[…] Before this photo was taken I made a personal discovery that had probably the biggest influence on my later work and it was a discovery of art by exceptional artist, Michael Brown. I spent hours and hours reading through his blog posts, soaking up an inspiration and I knew that this is the kind of photography I want to make. You can find this and other photos from this series in 2 posts, here and here. […]

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