Poppies, poppies everywhere!

3 07 2009

Well, to be honest, I thought the time of wild poppies is already over but then I was going back home from work this week and I was driving along a cornfield in our village, the corn seemed to be ready for harvest in a couple of weeks and suddenly I spotted some poppies blooming in the field. I wanted to take some poppies photos this year and I also did but not even one satisfied me fully. Now I saw this pretty bright red poppies in the gold/tan cornfield which I consider as a perfect combination, so I drove a little bit farther along the field and stopped where it was possible. There was a number of poppies blooming just in the border of the field allowing me to take some photos of them with the field in the background or even with the grass around without a need to dive into the field itself. I took a number of photos and I chose following 3 to illustrate in which different ways you can capture one subject at one place. Always try to search unusual ways of seeing common things.


1/1600 sec. @ 35mm, F4, ISO 200


1/1000 sec. @ 50mm, F4, ISO 200


1/250 sec. @ 50mm, F4, ISO 200

All shots were taken with Canon EOS 450D + Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 + HOYA Close-up filter +4.

Have a nice weekend!

PS: I have sold my spectacular Canon EF L 70-200 f/4 IS USM and purchased a Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM macro instead. The 70-200 is a superb lens but not for my purposes. I want to focus on floral/macro photography and this tele lens is not primerily good for it. I used a HOYA close-up filter but it has certain flaws such as strong chromatic aberration. I’ll share my first feelings about the macro lens as soon as I’ll get it.




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