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2 07 2009

In this “Do you know…” posts I would like to present you things or persons that I find as interesting, e.g. work of other photographers, web pages about photography, books and so on.

This time I want to present you This web portal hosts one of the most world respected photography forums, if not directly the most respected one. It was founded by world known professional photographer Greg Downing and it’s intention is to have one place for presenting photographers, either amateurs or professionals, sharing their experience and discussing basically anything related to photography and especially nature photography.

Beside the mentioned forum you can find there articles about different photography techniques and technical articles, to name at least some. You can find there also photographers’ portfolios, invitations to workshops of NatureScape members and other events and also a store with photography stuff.

I post my recent photos in Flower and Macro forum and I must say that I am very happy with the comments which I get from other members. I tried a couple of photography servers (I’ll probably present some of them here in future) and was always a bit disappointed by low or no input from other members. Here you get always relevant feedback which can really help you to improve your skills and that’s what counts.

If you’re into photography and especially nature photography and you’re looking for relevant feedback to your work, you can give it a try.




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10 11 2009
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[…] it looked pretty well so I decided to give it a try. I already gave some of my impressions here in this post from July.  Now after couple more months I want to share more experience and also pinpoint […]

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